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Florida Employment and Labor Law cases are unique and demand unwavering dedication and attention. We have a team of dedicated Employment and Labor Law practitioners to handle our clients' most complex employment cases.

Wage & Hour Litigation

You have rights that protect you as an employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).



Employers are required by law to do the following:


  • Pay minimum wage for hours worked


  • Pay for overtime hours



Federal and State Laws also protect:


  • Employee Tips


  • Allowable amounts  of employer tip credits


  • Off-the-clock work


  • Misclassification as an exempt employee


  • Retaliation for complaints about wage theft

Employment Contracts

Contracts establish relationships between employers and employess to provide protection for both parties. If an employer breaches the terms of an employment contract they can be held liable and required to pay damages to the employee and vice-versa.



Common breaches by employers include:


  • Termination in a breach of contract


  • Violation of a severance agreement


  • Failure to pay commission, bonus or other compensation



Common breaches by employees include:


  • Breach of trade secrets


  • Breach of non-compete clauses


  • Termination in breach of contract


  • Commission or wage over-payment

Wrongful Termination

Class Action Litigation

A class action occurs when a large group of people, known as a class, is bringing a lawsuit in court claiming similar injuries or damages from the same company or organization.



Examples of Class Action Lawsuits:


  • Consumer Fraud:

Occurs when customers have purchased defective merchandise, purchased items with false and misleading labels, or were damaged as a results of unfair business practices committed by a company. 


  • Drugs and Prescriptions:

Patients harmed after taking pharmaceutical with undisclosed, harmful side-effects.


  • Employment and Labor:

Witholding of wages, deprived of overtimes wages, or deprived minimum wage requirements. 



Discrimination and harassment continue to be predominant issues in today's workplace despite the legal rights that have been established to protect employees.



Discrimination includes biases in:


  • Hiring

  • Compensation

  • Promotion

  • Job Assignment

  • Termination

  • ​Retaliation

Harassment presents itself as intentional and unwelcomed behavior based on race, color,  religion, sex (including pregnancy; national origin, and agae (40 years or older) which is found to be threatening or disturbing.


Forms of harassment include:


  • Psychological


  • Racial


  • Sexual


  • Religious


Wrongful Termination occurs when an employer has fired or laid off an employee against the employees legal rights.



With a successful wrongful termination claim employees can seek compensation for:


  • Lost wages and back pay

  • Pain and suffering

  • Mental anguish


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