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Dixit Law Firm's attorneys assist their clients in safe-guarding their Intellectual Property assests, enabling them to cultive successful, long-lasting business relationships within their perspective industries.



The experience of Dixit Law Firm's attorneys in the technology industry includes the drafting and negotiation of thousands of small and mid-sized technology agreements and ranges up to large global technology transactions involving the most advanced outsourcing solutions and IT resources. Having decades of combined experience and industry knowledge representing clients in such a large volume of high-technology negotiations and licensing agreements, our attorneys understand the specific risks and demands that are inherent in technology transactions. 



Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating all forms of technology agreements relating to software, hardware, telecom, consulting services, e-commerce and outsourcing transactions, including but not limited to the following:









 Systems development, integration and implementation agreements



 On-shore and off-shore outsourcing and managed services agreements



 Cloud-based service agreements (hosted, web-based, ASP and SaaS)



 Service level agreements



 Market data license agreements



 New media and content licensing agreements



 Hardware purchase agreements



 Equipment lease agreements



 Support and maintenance agreements



 Technology-based joint venture agreements



 Patent and trademark licensing and assignment agreements






 VAR, OEM and other reseller agreements                                


 Software license agreements



 Software application development agreements



 Consulting agreements



 Professional services agreements



 Statements of work



 Confidentiality agreements and NDAs



 Master service agreements






2010 - present

2010 - present

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